Private Spa

Relax, unwind and recharge, body and soul, with an Il Sambuco B&B health and well-being holiday.

Modern life requires so much energy, and every now and then we need to give our bodies … and our spirits … the chance to re-energise. It is only by being aware of this need that we can maintain our natural health and dynamism.
Allow us to pamper and take care of you in the informal environs of our dedicated spa zone, the ideal place to relax, rest and enjoy a change of pace from your daily routine as you restore your spiritual energies in a special, indeed unique, setting.

Our approach is to work in harmony with nature. Let the heat of the traditional steam room embrace you, with its aroma of mugo pine, or relax in our modern, infrared sauna. Let the tensions of everyday life melt away and give your circulation a boost as you rediscover long-forgotten sensations.

Make the conscious decision to give yourself a break. You’ve earned it.

Private Spa

Prices are for two guests and for exclusive use. Towels, bathrobes and flip-flops included. Relaxing herbal tea – snack –     Duration: 120 minutes.

Infrared sauna​​€ 25,00
Traditional Sauna​€ 30,00

Like to keep in shape? Our Technogym® treadmill is available for you to personalise your workout.

45° infrared sauna
65° Klafs biosauna with evaporator
80° Finnish sauna